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Mission, Vision and History

John Blacow Elementary is located in Fremont, California, at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay area. Blacow Elementary is a TK-6 school with a Dual Immersion Spanish Program.

La primaria John Blacow Elementary está ubicada en Fremont, California, al sur del Area de la Bahia de San Francisco. La escuela John Blacow  es una escuela de TK a 6to grado con un programa de Inmersion en Español.

Mission Statement

At John Blacow Elementary School, the Blacow students, staff, parents, and community work cooperatively to provide a safe, child-centered environment that builds self-esteem, self-discipline, and the essential skills to develop lifelong learners. While accepting the diversity of our community, students demonstrate responsible decision making, exhibit qualities of good citizenship, dare to invent, dream, and explore our changing world. At Blacow School all children share in our success. 

Mision de la Escuela

En la escuela primaria John Blacow, los estudiantes, el personal, los padres de familia y la comunidad trabajan colaborando para proveer un ambiente seguro enfocado en los niños; que  promueve el autoestima, la disciplina y las destrezas esenciales para desarrollar aprendíces de por vida. Aceptando a su vez la diversidad de nuestra comunidad, los estudiantes demuestran responsabilidad al tomar decisiones, exiben cualidades de buenos ciudadanos, se atreven a crear, soñar y explorar nuestro mundo cambiante. En la escuela Blacow todos los niños y niñas son parte de nuestro éxito.

Our School Vision

To create a positive, equitable learning environment that cultivates lifelong learners who show respect for all and take responsibility for themselves and the community.

Vision de Nuestra Escuela

Crear un ambiente de aprendizaje positivo y de igualdad que cultive aprendices de por vida que muestren el respeto a todos, que tomen responsabilidad de si mismos y de la comunidad.



The Blacow Elementary School was dedicated on March 16, 1961, in ceremonies honoring the memory of the pioneer rancher who came to the area in 1853 driving a herd of Durham cattle before him. 

John Blacow, for whom the school is named, first moved to Illinois from his native England in 1839 and later decided to push farther west.

Some of his party, together with the cattle had to be left on the other side of the Sierra because of the winter snow, but Blacow returned to help guide the herd into what was to become the southernmost part of Alameda County. 

His sprawling ranch had disappeared under hundreds of homes, but the modern school at 40404 Sundale Drive perpetuates his name. 

Blacow’s grandson, Dr. Joseph Blacow, was the guest speaker at the dedication ceremonies at the school, which opened in September 1960. Dr. Blacow, a professor at Monterey Peninsula College was also the speaker at the dedication of the David Reynolds School named in honor of his maternal grandfather, another pioneer rancher. 

Honored guests at the Blacow dedication ceremonies included Emma Blacow, widow of John Blacow’s youngest son, Fred; her daughter, Lois Blacow Hammond; Ralph Baxter, president of the Irvington Elementary School District Board of Trustees; Superintendent Gus Robertson; and Beth Crittenden, President of the Irvington Teachers’ Association and a first grade teacher at Blacow. 

Mr. Neal Vogler, President of the school’s Parent Club, conducted the program with Merna Jergentz serving as general chairperson. Sandra Lampson, student body president, led the flag salute and the Reverend J. Theodore Alam of the Irvington Presbyterian Church gave the dedication prayer. Visiting parents were greeted by Principal Garrett Burt. 

Blacow School was designed for the Irvington School District by Falk and Booth, architects, with additions in 1961 and 1963. The aphasic and hard of hearing facility was added in 1968. This special education facility was utilized to house personnel involved in the implementation of PL 94-142 (Special Education Act).

Blacow school has served as the hub of many special programs including Title I (Program for students achieving below grade level), Title VII (Bilingual Spanish-English Program), SIP (School Improvement Program), Programs for the Visually Impaired, Programs for Aphasic children, a Learning Disability Clinic, an Educationally Handicapped Class, a Dual-Immersion Program, and a program for High Achievers.