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School Counselor Overview

I am excited to serve as the School Counselor for Blacow & Mission Valley Elementary Schools. I have worked as a counselor in various environments from group homes to schools, for about 15 years. I am excited to play an important role in both these schools, to empower the lives of young people. I am extremely open to collaborate with all of you in developing a nurturing and enriching school community for our students.

Through my role as a School Counselor, I support all of our students in the areas of academic, social-emotional, and educational development through a variety of services.

My role is to assist to eliminate/reduce barriers that impede on academic learning, specifically through small social skills groups; one on one Individual/crisis support; classroom workshops; parent workshops; parent support by providing strategies and necessary resources to assist the family supporting their child.

Please browse my webpage to learn more about our school counseling program, and helpful resources within our community.

Fabiola Camarillo, M.S., PPS
Elementary School Counselor, Fremont Unified School District                                                  

Blacow Elementary: Mondays - Wednesdays (510) 656-5121 Ext. 22046) 
Mission Valley Elementary: Thursdays & Fridays (510) 656-2000  Ext. 34130

Please be sure to stop by the Counselor's Office for any assistance, concerns, advice, information, or even just to say “Hello”