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School Closure

Dearest Families,

       With the closing of school and shelter in place in our county, it can be very scary and alarming.  We are in this together.  By working together, we can reduce the worry that surrounds the virus.  We will do everything we can to provide the support outside of a typical school enviornment. Staying informed on what we have control over is a great way to reduce anxiety in children.  

Here are a few tips I would like to share:

  • Let your child feel their emotions - listen, support, and validate their feelings
  • Stick to a routine - for older children, work collaboratively with them to develop a schedule and give them space to self-regulate and check-in as needed
  • Create welcome distractions such as a movie/game night, go for a walk, bake together

The following tabs on the left, under Sschool Closure, are intended to provide support & information to your families at home.  

If there is any other information that your kids & families may need, please feel free to email me (Ms. Fabiola) at